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Hi, I’m Mable. I am in my 20s, I am in search of something more. With all the greater energies of the universe willing to conspire to meet me halfway with my longing. I might just find it.

What I do.

I am a teacher by profession, I am a South African. I am currently living in China teaching ESL (English as a Second Language)to privileged Chinese kids. You may refer to My Hate For The Traditional 9/5 you will know it’s all love nothing hectic. Initially, my first job in China was teaching Science in English to fifth graders. Which I loved so much because I love science. This is explained further on How To Teach ESL In China.

2os willing to find something more -, Mable Monyela

Where I am from.

I was born in Tzaneen and raised all around Johannesburg really. Until we finally settled in Braamfischerville. I guess I could say I am from Braamfischerville. A very dusty township in Soweto (a lot of people are still debating on whether it’s in Soweto or not but I will keep it at that). When people introduce themselves and include the phrase, “From the dusty streets of…”. Trust me I know the literal meaning of that. I am from the dusty streets of Braamfischerville. My mother later moved to Tembisa so I am also from Tembisa (we don’t settle much in this place); where are my 1632s at? (Hahaha). Like I said I was raised all around Johannesburg but maybe for now only these two are worth a mention. 

What I am about.

I am a religious reader that has seen immense self-growth from reading. At this point, I don’t think I would have come this far without reading. Let alone that I could live without my books.

If you are all about personal development, feeling a little stuck in your 20s. And maybe at some point on what to do next. Or simply what to do or you just want to read something that will assure you that, “It’s ok, we are all on a quest.”. Then if your answer is yes to the mentioned, this might just be your new home.

2os willing to find something more -, Mable Monyela

My experience with blogging

I am fairly new at this. I did it mainly because it is something I wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life; free from feeling like I am compromising myself in any way. This is me, I like interacting with people, I like hearing what people think about certain things, like how they view the world around them, what their life’s wishes are. Are they fulfilled in their chosen careers or are they mainly doing what they are doing because there is nothing else to do? What do they think about money and how money can change one’s life – for the good or the better Hahaha well maybe the bad too.

How my blogging journey came about

I thought to myself, why not blog? Yes, blogging because I write every day, every single day of my life is made of snippets of writing. I write ideas down, I write my thoughts down, I write my weekly plans down. Everything I do is all write write write so blogging wouldn’t be living outside of my box just maybe this time, living in public.

At a time I decided to start a blog I was reading this really cool book – My Not So Perfect Life By Siphie Kinselle (I think every 20 something should read the book). I will forever hold it very close to my heart. It allowed me to tap into my creative sense. There is one phrase in particular that grabbed my attention and left me thinking a lot about it, even after I have read it for a while – 

“ I could do anything, go anywhere and be anyone.”

Sophie Kinsella

So I could be a blogger, yeah? And sure many other things that I would like to be because I could. While we at it I would like to invite you on a journey with me in search of something more. 

Meanwhile, I am quarter way in finding a lot about myself there is still a million (Yep! I said million) miles ahead of me to fully discover this being that is self and I would like to share things as I discover them. 

2os willing to find something more -, Mable Monyela

Why blogging?

On a less generalized scope. I have quite a number of reasons why I started blogging but to highlight the top tier ones.

Provide information.

To be an information source for my community where I can. I come from a place where dreams can be seen as a little far fetched so if I come from a place like that and have come to know that it’s quite possible to even achieve your wildest dreams why not help where I can? Just a little storytelling on this. Every time I need to research a certain topic I would always land on Youtube with people and just ordinary people sharing information on that specific topic. It could be job-related stuff or just about any other topic I may have needed clarity on by the time. I promise you I would always find the answers to the questions I had.

One day when I found almost everything I was researching about and explained so well. I am talking about a step by step type of information. I remember going to bed feeling so guilty about how I was sitting on such valuable information. Information that could do someone a great deal and here I was not sharing as much as I could and that is How To Teach ESL In China

Inconvinience Is never ideal to anyone, right?

In the same breathe I was tired of sharing voice notes and snippets of different texts to every different person who reached out to me. I did not have one particular message to send every time I was asked. I merely depended on free-styling all the time to a point I felt, I needed to write this down in an elaborated way. This was going to save me time (one thing about me – I am a sucker for efficiency). Not only save me time but it could help tons of people. One of my other beliefs – I truly believe that sharing information doesn’t necessarily have to start with someone asking. Some people won’t even ask. Not because they do not want to but sometimes people don’t even know that certain opportunities exist let alone that these certain opportunities can exist for them.

Now tell me why I wouldn’t try something like that? I felt this sudden urge of wanting to serve my community more than I currently was at the time.

20s Turning Into A Nightmare.

My 20s suddenly felt like crap (yep total crap actually). I kept feeling like there is just something way more waiting for me out there than what I was and still doing (which is being a kindergarten ESL teacher – Check How To Work In China As An ESL Teacher.

To help me figure it all out outside of journaling and reading my books I decided to challenge myself. This, after all, was what I wanted, a challenge but not those oppressive ones where you are trying out something because it is said to be challenging without even loving it. I say oppressive because I have come to think that doing things that you don’t like its’ tragic. It’s the most exhausting self forced and compromising thing you could ever do. Only when you have started looking too deep into it. Which I personally had started looking a lot deeper into my work life and I was on some, “ I don’t even like any of these things that I am doing.”.

Well, Not that I hate them but I just don’t like them either – they don’t set my soul on fire. I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night for them but I would surely wake up in the middle of the night to write down something that I had just thought of and maybe read (Hahaha).

The famous, “Aha!” moment.

Then it kind of hit you – you know the famous saying,” Life is too short.”, yeah sure! Life is way too short to be caught up doing things that you don’t even like let alone love and that’s when  I decided to challenge myself. To learn a new skill which is blogging. It seemed more complex than I had imagined but I was ready and willing to learn. That’s another thing about life and the little wisdom I have come to collect thus far, be willing. Willing to start, willing to learn and willing to stay consistent and that’s when the magic happens.

Fun fact: Magic has become my most favorite word.

Imagine if everything was magic… Yes, no slacks there everything at its best and what’s more beautiful than magic?

Once I was willing, I took it upon myself to keep reminding myself that anything could be learnt especially when the complexity reached its peak. Every time I felt like it was getting a little too complex or every time the imposter syndrome crept in to whisper, “What if you can’t create something worth being shown to anyone?”

To keep myself motivated throughout the learning process. I created an image with a text ( I am quite not sure what those are called) and set it up as my desktop wallpaper. Every time I opened my laptop I would be greeted by it and get assured that I was able hence the website name Read as I am able Monyela which is both my name and surname combined with an addition of ‘I’ and ‘a’ as my prefixes.

2os willing to find something more -, Mable Monyela


One Thing I Could Do For Free.

And… One last and the most important. You know how they say, “Save the best for last.” (Hahaha) I honestly wouldn’t mind doing this for the rest of my life, for free and I would still be very happy (not just happy but very happy).

Sucker for coffee shops? Me too!

I like coffee shops so much actually. This is something I would like to think that it is a not so common fact about people. I am not much of a coffee fan but I absolutely love the whole idea of coffee shops. Listen, I am head over heels about coffee shops and that leads to why  I have always been obsessed with an image of myself sitting at a coffee shop with my laptop out, notepads and busy with my work. I mean actual busy where I am fully absorbed in what I am doing.

Talk about this, I have always also wondered what those regulars at coffee shops really do there. Like why didn’t they go to work? “Who said going to work is the only work Mable?”.(That’s me questioning my 20-year-old self).  If I could afford myself a life like that where I could just go to a coffee shop whenever I want and just go anywhere and wherever at whatever time I want. Do what I am most passionate about while at it because my current life or job allows me that freedom. I would have done myself a great deal but till then, come on a journey with me on how we can get there together.

P.S. On your own self defined great deal. 

You can also pop by Instagram to say hi, @iamblemonyela

With Love and Inspo,


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  1. Naye Lushaba says:

    Your blog is inspiring and I am happy for you. Yes you are able

  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed reading this 🤗and getting to know you.

  3. Tumi says:

    I’m really glad I’m on this blog. So much to learn. Listen I’m one of the few people that know you and trust me the level of your growth is unmatched. You really are able Mable and I love this for you. 😊

  4. thandeka says:

    You are not just “able” to blog you are extremely good at it. I can feel the love you have for it by just reading your piece. Looking forward to more!

  5. Reabetswe Makau says:

    I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I cannot wait for you to post more!

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