Books To Read In Your 20s

Before anything else let me just say this for the hundredth time. I am a sucker for, “Things to do in your 20s”. I would probably find myself doing the weirdest of things just because they are suggested to be done in anyone’s 20something years. Just like this one time. I found myself having bought and read a book that talked about everything you would never find me investing in. The topic of that book is a topic for another day but OMG that was the worst book in the history of all the worst books (I can only think of one but the good thing is I did not purchase it, it was a soft copy I got from a friend) I have ever read.

I am the type of person who once I commit myself to read a book. I’m going to find it in me to get on a ride with it until the end. I just need to but you see with that book. A quarter way through it I was like, “There is no way I could put myself through such, I am sure there are much better things to do with my time.” I put it down and never opened it again in hopes of just throwing it away because I could never even suggest it to anyone else to read it.

Well!!! With all that being said, I hope you never find yourself regretting having read certain books in your 20s. Here is a list of books to read in your 20s that I would definitely recommend to any 20something. I am quite certain that they will leave you, alive, inspired, ambitious and ready to take on your 20s like a storm.

Here is some little sunshine for you.

Books To Read In Your 20s

1. Becoming By Michelle Obama

If there is one book I will keep on my shelf for generations and generations to come it would have to be this book. I love it so much and I personally think every woman in her 20s should definitely lay her hands and eyes on this book that I regard as a gem.

It will show you it’s not always perfect but finding yourself and listening to the voice in you that’s screaming for something better should be one of the things you don’t miss out on doing. Finding your own truth and your voice should also be added to that list. I think this is the best thing you could ever do for yourself in your 20s.

Remember, everything needs a foundation and your 20s seem to me like another foundation on top of the foundation you have been working on all your life.

If you haven’t started working on that foundation, start now and if you have, keep at it. It always pays off in a way that you wish for or in a way that’s best for you.

2. My Not So Perfect Life

Honestly, life is not always supposed to be taken way too seriously. Finding things that set your soul on fire and sticking to them might just do the trick.

As a 20something-year-old you will find yourself all over the place. Sometimes taking all the advice that is given and applying it to your life. Now this book says, “Take it easy, embrace the messy ride, do what you love and believe in the magic that’s to come.”

Your 20s are messy yet so easy, so keep them easy and stay alive in your light. I loved this book so much and would always recommend it to anyone looking for something motivational yet not so heavy while underlying the little (Or big if you may want to refer to them) issues that you find along the way as a vicenarian.

I hope you like it, actually, I know you will love it! Just be careful not to fall for the London dream spell because I have. One last thing, you will dream again.

3. Americanah

A heavy book but necessary. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from, the wealthy, the advantaged and the opposite. I find it that it is quite vital to know the catastrophes that people face from all walks of life and this book shows you how some people in their young lives are hardly ever favoured and what they have to do is fight almost all their lives.

When the odds are just saying NO but they keep on pushing on no matter what. It shows the importance of having dreams from an early age. That even when the going gets tough those dreams are there to keep you subconsciously you going.

Well if you are one going through the toughest 20s it will say to you, “It’s all going to turn out alright if not the best for you Just keep going.”. If you are not facing the toughest but maybe just the tough, “Understand that you are favoured and use that favour to the best degree as you can and maybe even help those who are going through the toughest.”

Shows how a young woman makes a success out of something she never even thought she would. How a foreign country can get you curious and use that curiosity to your best advantage.


Hey listen, you are not abnormal, you are just different and you believe in doing things differently. If you can whenever you get that chance, do things differently. You might turn out ok and if not you try again, one more time and one more time.

This book shows you that when some things are just not meant for you and when the universe is in a conspiracy in creating the best version of you there will be so many forces along the way pulling away from the direction you are going into until you just find yourself landed on the very perfect spot where you have nothing else to do but make it happen.

Sophia Amoruso – this woman made it in her 20s and so can you.

5. City Of Girls

In your 20s will make mistakes. Some mistakes you are meant to make and learn from them especially at this particular age and some mistakes will just remain as that. Mistakes or even stupid mistakes. You will be fascinated by things that may later not fascinate you but none of these is never utterly useless when you are willing to grow from these stages of life.

This book will also show you how good friendships can somehow save you. Embrace your journey.

6. Eat Pray Love

Given the chance, explore explore explore. In every aspect of your life. Move to a different city, learn a new language and keep it moving. Sometimes it’s that easy.

Get that fresh feel of life for yourself. Be on an adventure and who knows you might be writing a book about it one-day giving others hope on this mysterious masterpiece of a journey called life.


I hope you take something with you should you ever decide to get any of these books. If you have read any of them I would like to hear how they have impacted you.

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  1. Zanele Ngcobo says:

    Done with reading “My Not so perfect life” I swear it was a game changer!! Looking forward to reading all these! 😌

  2. Teboho says:

    Will definitely get those after a few, will be turning 20 soon. Guess I have something new to do next year 🙂

  3. Gugulethu Zwane says:

    Eat pray love changed how I viewed life 🤭💕and having to see you name it here just made me wanna read again (laughs) anyway thank you so much for being the perfect example you inspire me so much !

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