But First, Matcha Please!!!

There are those things with an addictive taste. You try them for the first time and you just want to taste them forever. The Matcha I had last week Thursday at Starbucks—if you have been around here for a while you already know my love for Starbucks—the Matcha I had for the very first time was breathtakingly delicious. I just knew that I wanted to taste it forever from the day I tasted it and every other day. It goes without saying that I have definitely been recruited to the, ”But first, Matcha.” squad. It feels too good to be here because there is just something about that Matcha that says, ”You got this!”. Hahaha, I could be deceiving myself but I have nothing to lose but everything to gain from that, ”You got this.” attitude (smiles).

You should really try it and tell me how it goes. Between the Matcha tasting breathtakingly delicious and, injecting you with that ”You got this.” attitude or even both which would really be great and I am betting on both. Find how to order or make one here on image attached below – all courtesy goes to one of my favourite girls and inspirations on Instagram Lola. Come to think of it, Starbucks should really start paying me for these referrals I keep making.

Anyway, back to those firsts that you want to taste forever. This Matcha took me back to a few FIRST-FOREVERS:

  1. The moment I stumbled upon an execution of I Am Able – I just knew I wanted to do everything that has to do with it forever. ” This is me. This is my flow. I love this and I want to do it forever.” I would say. It set (and still does) my soul on fire. I just knew I wanted it to last forever.
  2. The moment I said yes to my boyfriend to be his girlfriend (Yep some guys still ask girls to be their girlfriends and my man is one of them). I remember every time I saw him, spoke to him and and and… I kept on wishing I could just make it last a little longer. “This man is addictive.”, I would say. I just wanted to have a piece of him almost all the time—no pun intended hahaha—I just knew that I wanted to experience him every other day and the next many other days to follow. Just a little bit more and a little bit more of him until Lord knows when. He gets me all excited, he makes me feel all giddy inside, and who doesn’t want a little pinch of happiness added to them. I sure know I do. He is many things amazing but I will leave it here for today.

What are your FIRST-FOREVERS? Do you have any? Let me know.

Till the next blog post

Mable The Next Big Thing – Hahaha blame it on the Matcha, Cheers

4 Responses

  1. Rodney says:

    I’ve never been to Starbucks before , I always told my self that I don’t have time for coffee , but you made this Matcha 🍵 thingy sound amazing , I’m definitely going today to try it out.

    I enjoyed reading this🤞🏽

  2. Karabo says:

    It’s so strange that you posted this on the morning my husband ordered Matcha from Starbucks! He hated it so much. It was only Milk and matcha! but we’ll definitely be taking your ‘order list’ next time and we’ll be back to tell if it’s addictive!

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