Do It Anyway & Fail Forward

Afraid To Fail

I have realized that often times we are afraid to fail, with myself included. Afraid of how we will be received in the world when we decide to open ourselves up to it. Then we overthink it when we could just do it anyway and fail forward. So, this is how it’s going to work. I am going to fail but I will fail forward. I am going to be a novice at many things. But I will be a novice going forward because we learn every day after all. There will be days I will probably regret why I even decided to start a blog in the first place.

I don’t even know where this whole thing is headed but it’s something I wanted to start. Now should I fear that I don’t think I am a great writer and people would have appreciated if I was the best? No. That’s not on me.

Could Never Go Wrong With Growth

I want this. I am willing to learn and I love it and that’s all that matters and that is on me. If there is anything that is meant to find me with this. Well, it will find me learning and discovering myself. And if there is nothing meant to find me so be it but hey, there is always something that will find you when you are doing things that you love and learning along the journey. Even if it is something that we always overlook and think it’s the slightest thing ever and that is growth. I am pretty sure I could never go wrong with growth that’s one thing I am banking on.

I never intended for my blog to go live the way it did but just this one night I was like, “Just let it be Mable…It will never be significant enough unless you put it out there.” Then I just decided to make it public. No hype around it or whatsoever. Just as long as it is out there and this is where we are now. We are LIVE (and have been live for a while now) in the most unplanned way.

Our Impressions Hold Us Back

I had this beautiful picture in my head of how I wanted my blog to go live. A photoshoot, the most amazing blog launch event but man, I have done enough work already. I have worked on this blog for the past nine months. Some months came along leaving me overwhelmed that I had to take a breather here and there from everything that I was experiencing clouded with so much emotion. You can name it, from being ecstatic to being completely upset and breaking down when things were not going as I had planned or simply just failing at just finding the best layout. To trying to add a few things on the blog then something else disappearing as per the layout now I can’t find it because I am a newbie then it’s like I am back at one.

That’s another thing with doing things that you love – doing things from the heart. When they don’t go as planned and you are somehow failing at figuring things out. It feels like everything else is coming down on you. I have had days where I cried (yep, cry like real tears hahaha) because I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to just have a blog up and start posting. Learn how to be a great content writer and move forward but this is the challenge that I had said I wanted and it was here. The challenge came but it came with a lot of doubt.

‘Imposter Syndrome’

There is this crippling thing called, ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Come to think of it, I really wonder where such a horrible thing originated from. But yes the imposter syndrome kept creeping in, in a form of excuses such as, “I will launch it in the next two months.” The next two months became the next two more and the next two more. Until one night when I had just finished writing a blog post about The Anxiety Of Living Abroad During a Pandemic and I just had to let it go and let it be.

Were the other posts polished? No, but it meant I had a push, a deadline to quickly do that and be out there the way I had already worked. I am glad I finally decided to go live. I am glad I decided to just do it anyway and just simply fail forward. Now I cannot wait for days I will look back and say, “I used to write crap though.” Hahaha

Take Chances

There are also so many things I have learnt about life and people who do extremely well in it. They usually take their chances at life. Even if they are afraid to take chances they still take them anyway and this is the chance I am willing to take – to take chances. And it goes without saying that I also want to be one of those people who do extremely well in life too but it starts with those chances being taken. One way or the other, there is something to be learnt along the way.

With all the chances that I am willing to take. I need to know that there will always be the next best blogger. The next best writer. The next best speaker and the next best anything you could possibly imagine of. But how will I reach a level where I am able to pat myself on the shoulder and say, “I am actually good at this!” if I don’t take chances. How will I know which path to follow and which one not to follow if I don’t even try to follow one? I constantly need to remind myself that it’s not that deep because it really isn’t.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

I am going to write about my highs, I am going to write about my lows (to the person that told me to write about my highs and lows, I hope you see this.). And I am most certainly going to write anything that I feel might be of help to the next person. What I am not going to do is not write because I think I am not the best writer or someone else thinks that I should have rather used a certain style of writing. There is always going to be different strokes for different folks and this blog will also cater to that, it’s no different.

Try Out Paths

I am simply writing this to remind myself on days where I will feel overwhelmed and inadequate. That I started because I love this and let it be lead by love even on rainy days because they will come. But I will only see the rainbow if I just give it my best, carry on, listen to all the whispers from the universe and try out paths until I find the one I am meant to lead.

With this, I am just genuinely learning how to take chances in life and it can only start with little steps I take along the way to be great one day.

P.S. “Finished is better than perfect.” And this is where I begin. So, just Do It Anyway & Fail Forward.

I don’t ever want to wake up one day only to realise that I played it too safe.

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  1. Tshegofatso Palmer says:

    Love love this!

  2. Roro says:

    What a beautiful read, thank you so much I needed this.

  3. Meladi says:

    If i can change one thing about my past, it can be (fear of failure).It holds us back. I personally was afraid to try something because of being afraid to fail and the time invested. I’m still trying so hard to Do it Anyway & fail😉 forward.

    *Do it anyway & fail* I love it 👌.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Honestly this just spoke to me directly!! It didn’t go through the corners😂 Fail forward! It just reminded me of all the things I wanted to do but ended up not doing them because I was scared of failing, but reality is if something is yours it will definitely find you! Learn to learn along the way!!
    Love this🤍

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