Hlomu The Wife Changed My Entire Life

Is The Impact Intentional?

I don’t know what goes through the mind of a writer when they write a book but I don’t think Dudu Busani Dube knew the impact her book, Hlomu The Wife would have on my life (someone’s life) from the moment I had an encounter with it in 2017. She might have envisioned it changing lives in how people view certain things in life but maybe not to an extent of how massively my entire life changed from just reading one love story.

A Love Story Can Change Your Life

A love story that was so beautiful to read about. I had never ever felt like that ever in my entire life from just reading a book. It felt too good, it was such a feel good book, it boosted so much in me. Here I was hooked on a book consistently, I looked forward to my days because there was so much to look forward to and that is the book, Hlomu The Wife By Dudu Busani Dube. I felt good about myself, I felt good about life and I don’t want to mention how I thought I was probably even going to end up finding the love of my life in a taxi driver (Hahaha).

I never looked at taxi drivers the same ever since I laid my eyes on that book. Not that I looked down on them before but I didn’t really think so highly of them either (well, I have to honest. Maybe I didn’t even think of them at all). Now that was very shallow of me to not even think of the people who have made it possible for me to get from one place to another for quite a number of years. On my way to fulfilling my dreams, taxi drivers were there. On my way to get my first job application rejection, taxi drivers were there.

On my way to my promo jobs in the wee hours of the morning, taxi drivers were there. Taxi drivers were just always there. But no, Mable decided to not even think about them. How shallow. But! I came across Hlomu The Wife for a number of reasons and one of them being to think highly of taxi drivers.

Taxi Drivers Are Entrepreneurs

After reading Hlomu The Wife – I admired and admire taxi drivers. All the brains that go into their businesses and not forgetting how they constantly have to put their lives in danger due to taxi rivals is just something to be recognized. Taxi drivers are SMART people. Taxi drivers are entrepreneurs. We may call them Abomageza and every time there is a bad example that neeeds to made about uneducated black South African people living in poverty they are always the ones to catch the smoke but hear me out. These particular solution providers have been looked down upon for far too long. They are are solution providers, forces to be reckoned. For this very reason and because of this book. I will always think of them as one of the greatest things to ever happen to the South African economy.

This is how this book changed my entire life.

I have always knew that I had a religious reader somewhere buried deep in me but I just couldn’t find the book that could bring that to life. I would find books I like just a little here and there. Read them and never get to the next chapter but it was not until I read, Hlomu The Wife By Dudu Busani Dube. It brought this feeling with it that I never wanted to part ways with, so I started reading more books. And finishing books without severe blocks of getting to the next chapter. I say severe because let’s be real not every book is that great to get to the next chapter and you need to know when to call it quits (Hahaha).

Please know when to call it quits in life because you will keep on holding onto things that don’t nourish you but when you look back, you ask yourself, for what exactly? There is no reason enough. Don’t be that toxic to yourself. There is always another best thing ahead of us, always remember that.

Back to the book that changed my entire life. Most books I have read have had the power of changing my life for the better or touch it in ways that it has never been touched but it all started with Hlomu The Wife By Dudu Busani Dube. The book brought the religious reader that was buried somewhere deep in me to life (LIFE) and I never looked back. And I don’t ever want to look back because I can’t imagine my life without books. Check my book reviews on how some of the books I read have changed my life.

The Power Of One

Which brings me to this. All it takes is that one book to realize you are a religious reader. That one song to realize you are great singer and that one day to turn your life around.

Our entire life changes in a moment.

Tony Robbins

To those who are watching the series – The Wife On Showmax, enjoy!!! This will feel like one of the best days of your life. You will feel that joy of coming back home after a long day to just unwind on a feel good relatable telenovela. I haven’t watched it yet. Due to VPN issues but I believe it has to be one of the greatest things to ever happen to South African television. To Dudu Busani Dube, you are the best thing that has ever happened to my history of reading books.

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  1. Andiswa Mdunge says:

    Such a beautiful piece Mable. Many of us( even without realising) changed our outlook on life after reading the Hlomu Series. Dudu really had no idea what she started with those books.🙌🏾

  2. Sibongile says:

    Look I’m not a reader too but the 1st book I read and understood it was Hlomu the wife, I read it on my way to work “in a taxi “the irony in that, in the canteen during lunch, I just couldn’t put the book down, well it was on my phone. I finished the book in a week or two I got Zandile the resolute read it and I went on to read Naledi too I was so excited to read all of her books it’s like I had a purpose in life 😂.

    When she launched Iqhunga I ran to the book store read it so fast luckily the same month she gave us Mess too my December was so nice I tell you I read and re read the books it changed my life.

    I have other books but I struggle to read and finish them. Last year I’ve struggled to finish one Novel and it was a good book but with sis Dudu Busani Dube No marn she is the best thing that has happened to Us ❤️.Nice Blog love.

    • You just cannot start that book at put it down! There is just something about it really and worse! It just makes you spool happy! And you just want more and more of her really. She is really the best thing that has ever happened to us! ❤️✨ And thank you very much! 🥰😘

  3. Zanele says:

    Listen it changed my life too, I just enjoyed it so much also because I could imagine exactly how those things would be, like Bree taxi rank anytime I’m there I feel like there is Hlomu and the brothers lol😂 love love love the series, oh the sound tracks 😍😍

  4. Lona says:

    I just read this and I couldn’t agree more, I had just started the Telenovela a previous week and I must say it’s even way better on TV. The first time I watched I slept at 6:30 in the morning, I can relate to what you’re saying because I slept at 3:30 this morning watching Hlomu the wife. It’s
    Still as great as it was when I first read, Mable I feel so happy and rejuvenated you would swear a miracle has happened in my life.

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