I Woke Up 28!!!

I woke up 28!!! Wait, am I even 28? LOL excuse me, it’s something in the age. And I am still not a millionaire. What a fantastic way to burst my bubble. Oh God, this can’t be happening. What am I doing wrong. How is this even possible? Well, this is what I am doing right instead. I am living my life the best way I know how. I take my risks. I start my things and commit to them. I am happy, I am grateful for the gift of life.

A Beautiful Mistery

I woke up 28!!! And I closed my eyes once again not because I was lazy to wake up or not looking forward to facing the day but to thank the good Lord for the gift of a beautiful life. My life has been nothing but a beautiful mistery even in the mist of my nightmares (And oh yes, they come quite often – I just know how to deal with them. Sometimes I just sit and just stare back and that’s how I still deal with them).

Blow Your Own Horn

I woke up 28!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I dream I would ever have a business to my name. A whole business, wow Mable. Is this really you. Girl, you are not a millionaire but you are far ahead from not being one either. It’s a journey embrace it. Love it and pour into it the best way you can. You are doing great, keep at it. Yesssss – hahaha.

I woke up 28!!! And I know that it all works out in the end. I just need my heart to be in the right space and the rest does really fall back. And I am in the right space.

Baecation Come On Now

I woke up 28!!! And my parents are probably wondering, “Where is her boyfriend?” Well mom and dad. I also don’t know. Anyway I am putting it out there. Next year I should celebrate my birthday on a killa baecation come on now. But do they ask if I am living my life to the fullest? I doubt not. I know that it makes them happy to see.

To My Most Valuable Players

I woke up 28!!! And I am truly grateful for the gift of life. To have the drive to try once again and once again with each day that comes. Grateful for my parents, family and friends and my parents once again for always having my back no matter what I decide to do with my life. Wether it looks like waking up some day and telling them that I am changing schools in the middle of a term in high school and that I don’t like the school and they need to call my grandparents to find me a good school in a week. Or something like, I am moving (not planning, moving) to a foreign country in a few months, or even starting a new business and moving back home – two financially straining situations at once and still support me through it all. Now those are real MVPs

Good Pick Me Ups

I woke up 28!!! And in my heart, I am happy and it doesn’t have to look like anything at all. Just pure joy & peace. I honestly could have never been happier. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They are truly appreciated. Some are really good pick me ups maybe they are the reason why I even decided to write this blog post. I am not even sure where I am trying to go with this but I am 28 hahaha. We have come a long way.

To a life full of beautiful wonders and a balance of nightmares. 🤍🥂✨

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  1. karla01.maluleka@gmail.com says:

    You are an inspiration to us 😊,also showing us that dreams are valid I am so inspired 😊I will always check your website for daily motivation, sometimes I get confused and pressured into making it and along the way I m losing myself thank you for the wake up call!

  2. Zanele says:

    You are indeed living your life in the best way🔥 it is so inspiring!! Happy birthday Queen😌❤️

  3. Lisah says:

    Happy birthday 🎊🎉 once again🤗I enjoyed reading your Blog🌸you have done ✅ well for yourself at 28, for the fact that you started your own business which is a “Masterpiece”👌a Top notch quality Planner which is a success 🌸that alone is amazing and inspiring. As for the Million you will get it lol in Jesus name wether dark or blue 😂isohlangana ayina choice lol 🤗Continue doing amazing I can’t wait to see what this chapter has for you 🌸May God continue to bless you more🙏🏻

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