Let’s Talk about revelations.

Only this time it’s not the Bible revelations. I am talking about stuff that keeps revealing itself to you bit by bit and gets you on some, “I always knew this was my thing.” Or just a simple, “Now this makes sense.”

For me, it’s being a religious reader. I started late but I started. My journey began in 2017. Sometimes and only sometimes it’s true when they say there is time for everything. I don’t want to 100% fix my mind on this belief because sometimes you might wait way too long but yeah just don’t wait for too long. How do you do that? You strive to find those revelations of your life on a daily. For as long as there is that twitch in your body that feels unfulfilled.

It is through reading that I have seen most parts of my life revealed to me. Not just that but helped me to believe in them and get enough courage to even go after them. More than anything else these books offered me a very warm fuzzy hug I never knew I needed. Bit by bit I am finding my purpose and bit by bit I am finding things I wouldn’t mind doing for free.

What is SUCCESS to you?

On redefining success, success to me is a purpose-driven life. I have learnt that in purpose there is complete abundance. If you had asked me this question a year ago. I would have said success is being happy in all you do. Now I would like to believe that purpose is the bigger umbrella in which happiness is included. Just to name a few there is a life filled life in purpose, inspiration and complete faith in what you do and in who you are as a person. What are your revelations thus far?
How do you define success in your own terms?

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