Luxurious Service Is Everything

A month and a few weeks back when I was preparing for the I Am Able 2022 Planner launch photoshoot. I was at the salon to get my lashes, nails, and pedicure done after such a long time of not getting them done. Hahaha, you might be thinking, “Took a break, these things need a break.” Nope, I was broke as hell LOL. I was saving almost every penny I had to fund a business that did so well and is still doing quite well, wow! I am in awe of God’s favour in my life.

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I Am Able 2022 Planner Launch

Perks Of Funding A Business While Broke

As I was at the salon to get those done after such a long time of not pampering myself. At this point, I was not doing it in the name of pampering I was still very much flat broke to even afford to pamper myself. It was all business but I am happy the business rewarded the girl – thank you to the I Am Able marketing team (me – hahaha) for putting up a photoshoot as a part of the marketing. Now the girl got the chance to look cute, how nice.

The Chinese Were Born For Business

When I got to the salon, first of all – Chinese people. Hahaha, they just know how to do business. It’s like they were born for it. If there is anything that promises to elevate their business. Trust me, they will be there. The owner wasn’t working on the day but because I contacted her for a booking she made it a point that she comes to work to welcome me. Imagine, me – I won’t say I felt special but I did. I felt valued. Star rating out of 5 the salon definitely gets full stars (ting!).

As soon as I got to the salon. They ushered me into this comfortable chair… my word! With the most welcoming smile and attitude. I immediately felt like I belonged.

Auctioning The Service

At this point, I feel like a queen. Now I am talking to myself in my head, “Now this is the life I want to live.” That time I don’t even know how much I will be paying for everything. And I was not even willing to ask. If it’s something I want, I just pay (Oops, sorry I Am Able marketing team). I start thinking, “Even if they said 800¥ (R1947.29) I will pay.”. Mind you, this is just nails, lashes, and pedicure. The other voice says, “What about 900¥ (R2190.70)?” I say I will pay. The biding gets serious now I start auctioning the service out in my head. Remember I feel like a queen and so close to the life I feel I deserve. So, PAYING is on the table.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

While I am busy auctioning everything out, they are already busy with the nails, lashes, and pedicure and I am still feeling like I am living my best life. As the bidding goes high in my head. I ask, “What about 1000¥ (R2434.11)? , 1000¥ going once, twice- I will take it!!!” Now that’s how much people like myself would pay for luxurious service. Make the customer feel valued. People just want to feel the value are you bringing to the table. Then money is not a question.

Now you look at your luxurious items, designer bags, and shoes. You check the price and still complain (Maybe – I don’t) but you will pay, because of the value!

A Battle Between Cheap And Expensive

So much that when something is cheap you would rather go for the expensive one (well, I do). Why? You may ask. If it’s expensive there is value to it. Ok maybe not all the time but I mean, c’mon.

The Value You Bring

With the short story that I just told. Today I just want you to remember this, as an employee, a business owner, or anything or anyone. Don’t ever feel scared to put your price down because the value you bring to the table will be felt and it is worth every penny. You are luxury and luxurious service is everything.

By the way, I ended up paying 638¥ (R1552.96) for everything.

Talk about luxurious service, what value do you bring to the table?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The moment I saw “the owner came to welcome me…” it was game over for me🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely love this… If it’s cheap I always ask myself what’s wrong with it ? Why so cheap!? …

    Love the relatable content you always serve us with ❤️

  3. Zanele Ngcobo says:

    😭 Soft life typer vibes!! Really enjoyed this one, kinda made me realise a lot about business! Value is expensive! Put that price tag down! Got it sis!

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