My 2021 Vision Board Review

What a year 2021 was! The bad were really BAD and the good were pretty pretty good! But the bad kept coming (hei) and I saw everything bad coming from when it all began to a point where I even told one of my best friends, “This year I am prepared to lose money.”

Well, I lost way greater than what I was prepared to and it’s just things I could not control. When the year started I also met one of my greatest nightmares. Losing a loved one amid Covid season while abroad in a country like China where you have to choose one. Either you leave LEAVE or stay STAY (God, this is horrible). Amid Covid season January 2021, I lost my uncle (My grandmother’s brother – he is my uncle ok). You really just never know how to deal with a loss of a loved one. When it hits you in a space where you are alone moreover when you cannot be there to lay them to rest. But… let’s not be all too emotional we are here to review my 2021 vision board and let’s get to it.

While All the things you put on your vision board may not all be achieved they serve as a huge part of putting the puzzle together. That one vision was out there to give light to another. This is the importance of putting things down. One thing I have come to realize is that a vision board may mostly be looked at as a goal achieving tool but ever stopped for a second and looked at it as a gratitude reference tool too? Well, I just found it to be just that as I was reviewing my 2021 vision board. I had to honestly stop for a second and be exceedingly grateful.

My 2021 vision board was quite simple yet the things that I managed to achieve in just a year leave me quite humbled. And yes, I did not manage to achieve them as precisely as they were on my vision board but the smaller pieces of the puzzle just somehow came together.

2021 Vision Board
My 2021 Vision Board

My 2021 vision board review starting from 1:

1. Hello 2021! You ready for this gem?

By now you probably know that. “ Your confidence is your perfection.” is my mantra. I came up with this phrase when someone was showing concern regarding me entering pageants when I have a gap between my teeth. She was merely asking though and I found myself saying, “Your confidence is your perfection.” I just loved how it sounded and I immediately set it as my WhatsApp status on the 8th of March 2016. I never changed it and I have lived by it all this time. Every time something gets intimidating I will self-talk myself into my confidence zone and say, “You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be confident Mable.”

So yep, I didn’t ask what 2021 had in store for me I asked if it was ready for me. And yes (Hahaha) sometimes I may be a little too confident to even go as far as calling myself a gem. Oh well… What I am trying to say is I wasn’t waiting on surprises, yes surprises did come but I had a plan in place and asked if 2021 was ready for me instead. This has worked for me. To not go into the year looking at what the year has for me but going into the year with something to offer. When you have something to offer somehow the universe is forced to just make room for you unlike when there isn’t anything. Not when there are so many other people with something to offer. Have something to offer.

2. Theme of the year – Purpose

I may have mentioned that one of the main reasons why I moved to China was to discover myself. I went on a self-discovery journey. In 2020 my theme of the year was, ‘Self-discovery’. In 2021 my theme for the year was ‘Purpose’.

While they may look the same they didn’t bring the same results they just connected the dots. My theme for 2021 was ‘Purpose’ and I can gladly say that I have met the first phase of serving my purpose on this Earth. The first phase of getting into a season where I am so excited about what I want to do with my life and feeling a sense of great fulfillment while at it.

I was very intentional about it, from the books I read, the little things I did on a daily, what I watched and the people I kept around me. If you noticed I launched my blog way later in the year when there were blog posts already up. I did this for me before I did it for anyone else and that’s when I knew that I have met her – my purpose. There is a sense of ease when you meet your purpose. No rush, just taking it all and moving in grace.

My 2021 Vision Board

3. #GIRLBOSS & A Woman Makes A Plan

I wanted to get out the year being so good at what I do in life and most aspects of it so much that I wanted to become boss at what I do. What I did not realize was that I was going to walk out of the year as an actual Boss of I Am Able (Damn, I need to take that in for a moment). I wanted to be a woman that made a plan and so I did!

4. Boutique

My 2021 Vision Board

I am obviously not a pro at what to put and what not to put on a vision board. Sometimes if you want it and you are sometimes a little skeptical about it just put it there anyway.

In all honesty when I put this on my 2021 vision board. I had so much doubt about it but I still put it anyway. Now, let me tell you how this helped me.

Canceling the fact that I tried selling clothes a multiple times. I had to walk out of 2021 as a business owner, I just had to and I did. Not in clothing. Not even in what I ever imagined but in one thing that really sets my soul on fire.

I created a year planner from scratch and that’s the business. The planner is called the, I Am Able 2022 Planner. If I have to say it so myself, it is such a gem of a planner. I feel like everyone should just get their hands on it. I am yet to talk about the I Am Able 2022 Planner-making process. That was another crazy process on its own that kept solidifying my beliefs about an existence of a higher power (In South Africa we say, because wow).

5. A Successful Blogger

My 2021 Vision Board
My 2021 Vision Board

I wanted to see myself as a successful blogger with digital products. I didn’t amount my success to anything really. I guess it was one of those, for as long as I see myself doing it. Loving it, that on its own means I am successful at it. I am still here so I can say that I achieved that.

With digital products, I managed to put together a helpful guide on 10 Ways On How To Intentionally Fetch Your Life & Find Your Purpose. Those around me received the blog quite well too. I even managed to make great new connections with amazing people through the blog and I am loving it. That should be a success on its own.

6. Passion

I was honestly chasing passion and I am currently at a place where I am so in love with what I do. I am at so much peace with myself and my choices thus far. I have to warn you though. When you are doing things you love and turn them to work you might find yourself working 24/7 without giving yourself a break. The reason is obvious – you are just so in love with the path you have just chosen for yourself. It’s something I am still trying to work on but I will get there. I hope you also give yourself a chance to sit down and give yourself a break. To just sit back and breathe.

My 2021 Vision Board

7. Road To Millionaire

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed that I recently made a post on Fun-Facts About Me. I mentioned that I am going to be a millionaire by 30. It is important for me to realize that it’s a journey. In the same breath, I constantly need to see it and feel assured that I can and I will because I Am Able(You see what I did there – hahaha. Wink).

8. Written In The Stars

This is another massive project I am working on it’s better to keep it there. It’s going to take a while but I have managed to continue working on it as gracefully as I can. I am happy with the progress.

9. Reminder

I always remind myself and maybe you can too that it’s going to take time and,

lf it’s going to be great it’s going to take a little while.

Mable Monyela

I think it’s important to also include motivational quotes on your vision board to keep the motivation going. So it’s safe to say the reminder helped to keep me centered.

My 2021 Vision Board

In closing, looking at my vision board. I am realizing that I kept it simple and more simpler for a person who was on a journey to finding her purpose. 2022 we EXECUTE!!! We Do It Anyway & Fail Forward.

What’s nicer is that the, I Am Able Planner has a vision board section and Top Goals section. You can either choose to create your vision board using your Top Goals or just put as many goals as you want. It’s up to you.

How was your 2021? Are you moving towards the person you want to become?

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  1. Noks says:

    Indeed you a gem dear😍 keep shining, believing and winging 🤗

  2. Mellisa says:

    You are indeed a gem 💎 girl, l normally use that word when l figure out something l will be like “now , this is a gem” 😂😂😂. Good yo see you winning all the way ❤️.

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